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Board management software can be an effective instrument to help with the management of mission-driven and non-profit organizations. It can replace email and insecure communications methods using a integrated system that is more secure against cyberattacks and hacking. It also provides granular permissions and access, which allows for clear identification of the board’s communications, which makes it less of a target for fishing trips or frivolous lawsuits.

A high-quality board management solution includes an archive center to store and organize meeting documents. It simplifies the process of creating agendas using customizable templates and provides easy ways for committees to share information. It also comes with a variety of features to increase the efficiency and effectiveness for board meetings. They include electronic signatures, action item tracking, and many more.

You’ll want to select a portal for board meetings that has a great reputation and outstanding customer service. Find out about the features a particular solution can offer and if it will meet your specific needs. You can test the software in real time by requesting a trial.

Many board members are concerned about the cost of a brand new software, and some boards have budgets that are limited. A reputable board management software vendor will be able offer an affordable pricing plan that is suited to the needs of your business. It should provide instruction for board members, and provide comprehensive assistance as the requirements of your board evolve. It should also be a trusted source for security of data, and it should Board Portal Software provide the highest level of encryption.