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Dental technology and advances, from digital X-rays and 3D printing to dental crowns and dentures, make visits to the dentist quicker more convenient, less painful. Some of these advancements are utilized to diagnose, while others are designed for simpler procedures such as dental crowns or dentures.

Dental try this site software systems, such as use to guarantee accuracy and consistency of patient records, and also aid in the process of billing and insurance claims. Medical-grade sterilization equipment is a common dental technology, allowing dentists to disinfect their tools and maintain a clean, hygienic working environment.

Other dental technology is designed to help patients prepare for procedures by allowing them to visualize the outcomes of their treatment. For instance, the SmartTek application makes use of the technology of augmented reality to overlay images of a new set of teeth on the current set of teeth a patient has. This allows them to customize their smile, such as the height and spacing, to their preferences before the procedure is completed.

Robotic dentistry has also gained in popularity due to its ability to allow for a more precise procedure with a faster recovery time. Dental lasers are also becoming more precise and less invasive. This enables better precision when removing cavities or reshaping the gums.

Other dental technologies are designed to improve the quality of treatment. They include ceramic and tooth-colored fillings. These amalgam replacements are visually appealing and durable, and do not contain mercury. They are also biocompatible, promoting tissue healing and preventing secondary decay.