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Math is an essential part of modern technology. From designing new medical treatments, to improving transportation systems and developing energy sources, the foundation of everything is founded on mathematical principles. However many students struggle to grasp and embrace the importance of math. It’s important to keep in mind that no amount of math technology can substitute for a knowledgeable teacher.

Teachers should also be able to develop positive attitudes among their students towards mathematics and technology. Pierce and Ball (2009) affirm that teachers can do this by making learning enjoyable for students through the use of digital tools, such as interactive whiteboards. They also stress the importance of ensuring that students are comfortable with the software they use, so they can use them effectively.

Mathematical models are an additional way in which technology and math could be connected. These models are designed to facilitate the creation of sharable flexible and transportable representations of scientific and mathematical phenomena. The model is an educational tool which aids learning by providing a way to create and share public documents of thoughts.

However, despite their advantages, mathematical models cannot fully describe the way that math works as http://ultiaction.com/product-photography/ a technology within society. This is due to the power of the perceived objectiveness of what mathematical truths are able to convey. This is why the authority that mathematically designed decisions can give is often cited to contribute to the denial or disadvantage of certain things like the risk of health from cellular phone radio frequency radiation or economic policies.