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Board Documents Management

You can use software solutions to streamline meetings, and help your team to meet their responsibilities as a governance team. By implementing a digital platform to store critical information and KPI reports Additionally, you can be sure that all materials are accessible at any moment. No more email or hard-copy documents that contain confidential information.

With the board document management features on your portal, you can also improve the attendance at meetings by giving directors all the tools they require to prepare. This is a major improvement over distributing PDFs via email or even couriers and Dropbox with binders filled with paper. The process of storing all this material is a challenge for directors and could result in lost documents and late updates that could be lost during the course of a meeting.

By utilizing the power of a digital boardroom to speed up the process of meeting preparation, you can boost the impact of your board and improve governance for better organisation. With all the tools you require you can save money by removing shipping and paper fees. Additionally, you will ensure that your directors are engaged. Give your directors an overview of the upcoming meetings to make it easy for them to review agendas, scheduled polls and assignments. The board member software also lets them review organizational policies, records of previous meetings and their own notes on the documents.

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