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Data communication enables digital and electronic data to move between two networks, no whether the sender or receiver are geographically situated or what the data contains. Businesses that use this technology can boost their efficiency and competitiveness by interacting with one another more effectively. It also provides the foundation to transform processes to make them more innovative and efficient.

In the current information-driven society it is essential for every organization to be competent in extracting valuable information from a wealth of information. It is also crucial to convey this knowledge to others. This is accomplished by studying three core areas: Understanding Data and extracting valuable Data and Effective Communication. Students who are interested in an occupation that involves the management of information or businesses should be well-versed in the fundamentals of data communication.

The text is praised for its accuracy, modern orientation and clear presentation, this bestseller provides students with a thorough understanding of everything they must know about information networks and communications systems — from networking and hardware design to security and LANs. The text begins by examining the needs, then looks at communication and networking options to meet these requirements.

One of the primary goals of the text is to present the technical information in a context that is relevant to the needs and concerns of business managers and staff. The content is organized around the requirements and applications, rather than the technology behind it.