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Anyone who is looking for the truth and how government works will find public records to be valuable sources. They are available at all levels of government, including federal, state and local authorities, even though laws and regulations differ. Public records include census data, reports from law enforcement agencies as well as accident and incident reports, corporate filings audits of environmental compliance and financial statements.

Many government agencies, including the county, township and city level have a record retention system to organize their documents to make them easy to access, and to ensure that they are not deleted or destroyed until they have reached the end of their cycle. These systems are built on the principles of records-management which are designed to protect the information and data in the documents of an agency for as long as possible, while maintaining their accessibility.

Each state has a system for recording the minimum period that a document has to be kept before it can be destroyed, and this is often referred to as a «records series.» One example of an approved record series is an official report. This www.derwentmills.com/2023/06/07/retention-of-public-records term is also used to describe any duplicate copy of an official document which is required to be kept for a specific reason like a working copy or a convenience copy.

It may take time to understand the records retention policies of agencies. By keeping requests as specific and precise as you can, you will increase the likelihood that the agency will be able to respond and produce documents.