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Windows security is mostly a free feature in Microsoft windows that offers ant-virus, firewall and other security features to keep your computer secure. It also allows you to configure options and screen your computer’s performance and health.

Microsoft Defender Antivirus security software and Firewall

The standard security application for Windows 10 is certainly Microsoft Defender, which shields your computer via malware and also other threats in real time. It also www.compsmagy.net/thunder-vpn-is-it-worth-to-download includes features like a sandbox to protect your files and tamper protection to stop malicious applications from changing your settings.

Security history

Securities log monitors all actions, including dangers, and reveals what activities you took to protect yourself. This record can help you recognize potential risks and answer them quickly.

Backup and restore

Conveniently back up important computer data in case of unintentional deletion or perhaps loss. It can save you your photographs, videos, music, documents and also other important files to a regional drive as well as to an external hard disk drive.

User Bill Control

The User Account Control (UAC) program is a secureness feature that stops applications via making becomes your pc’s settings. It locks the screen if an application attempts to make a change and share you the possibility to review it.

Windows Protection Center

The Windows Security Center bank checks your computer’s Internet security settings and user account control settings to ensure they are set at recommended levels. Any time Windows finds virtually any problems, that displays a notification and puts securities Center icon in the notice area.